The Silver Sixpence – a Snow White Fairytale for Natalie & Jurie

March 14, 2017

  • Silver Sixpence - Snow White

Natalie & Jurie @ The Silver Sixpence by Quake Wedding Films from natascha & gabriel pottas on Vimeo.

Every wedding turns out like a fairytale because that is when every bride gets to marry her prince charming and all their guests join them in their Sunday best for food and wine, dancing and celebration.

But if Snow White is a fairytale, Natalie & Jurie’s wedding is as close to a fairytale you can get.

An elegant bride with skin as white as snow and lips as red as scarlet. A celebration in the country side surrounded by mountains, forests, a lake and wild (but seemingly tame) forest animals.

How many brides can boast a Bambi photo bomb?

And with my experience with this couple, I am convinced that their lives together going forward, will be equally as magical…

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